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JOY starts with your energy.

Your energy can be your best friend or worst enemy. 

Let's shift your energy so you can feel more joy in your life and career. 

Why does "energy" matter?  

Our energy is the makeup of our thoughts and emotions, which translates into the actions and results we obtain in work and life. When we're not taking action or getting the results you want, chances are, your energy is hurting you.

Through our coaching partnership, you will learn to: 

  • Be in greater control of your thoughts so you feel emotions that propel you into the actions and results you want

  • Weaken the negative reactions (or "saboteurs") that typically emerge under stress (like anger or frustration)

  • Strengthen your ability to handle challenges with calm, a clear mind, and other positive emotions

  • Learn about yourself, your values, and your definition of success, so you can make decisions about where to take your life with clarity 

  • Stop leaving your dreams to "someday" and begin to take action on them now

  • Explore alternate career paths with a sense of curiosity and fun, not fear  

  • Strengthen relationships, elevate productivity, and experience more joy on a regular basis

How do I help my clients shift their energy? 

To support my client's goals, I design a custom program that draws from the four elements below: 

ENERGY leadership

We work on shifting your energy so you can make changes in your life with greater ease. 


We uncover your "saboteurs" and reshape your brain's neural pathways using mind-body connection.


We use fun brainstorming and self-discovery tools to explore how your career could bring you more joy.


In every coaching session, we apply all our coaching tools to support your real-life challenges and opportunities

What does a typical coaching
experience look like? 

I work with my clients over the course of 6 months and 16 sessions. Here is what we typically do: 

We meet for a complimentary Discovery session, where we assess how you're feeling across various areas of life and where things could be better. This allows us to build the guiding map to kick off our work together. 

Book your Discovery call here.

2. COACH: 
We dive in!
 For the first 8 sessions, we meet on a weekly basis. In each session, we start by centering so you can let go of what isn't serving you at the moment and we set a specific goal. Then, we get to work! Through empowering coaching questions and applying frameworks like Energy Leadership, Positive Intelligence, and Design Thinking, I help you reframe, reflect, and shift your energy to feel more joy and make progress on your goals. We end every coaching session by identifying an insight or action so you can keep moving forward in between our sessions. 

All my clients enroll in Positive Intelligence (PQ), a learning experience to deepen their understanding of what saboteurs are holding them back and how to tap into "sage" energy that generates more joy. The learning experience involves weekly videos, and an app with guided 10-second "PQ rep" breaks to interrupt saboteur emotions and thoughts. This work is done on my clients' own time as an add-on to our 1:1 coaching work. 

Following our first 8 sessions, we check in to celebrate our progress and assess what is important for us to keep working on. Then, we meet for 8 more sessions so you can keep practicing what you've learned so far in the context of your real life. I'll also be bringing in Design Thinking tools to help you experiment and play as you keep taking action on your career and life. These sessions are held at a mutually-agreed cadence (usually, every other week). 

Over the
course of our work together, you will receive: 

​*Email guidance from me with pointers about what you're learning
*Journaling prompts to help you process and reflect in between our session
*In-the-moment support from me as needed via text, voice message, or e-mail


How much does it cost? 

6-month journey

6-month journey payment plan

What do my clients say? 

Mimi G., Senior Strategy Consultant

"When I first began working with Karla, I was going through a difficult time in my career and had a hard time tapping into my inner self without judgment or guilt to better understand the situations around me. I was stressed, anxious, felt hopeless, and overall unhappy. By working with Karla as my coach, I began to expand my self-awareness of the blocks getting in my way and gradually started strengthening my ability to experience "sage" or positive emotions more often.

I think what helped me the most was having the flexibility to customize our coaching sessions to what needed attention. Life threw a few curveballs while working together and I appreciated being able to pivot to focus on tools/ exercises that helped me in the 'now'. I also think Karla's weekly communications and assignments really pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to make space and time for those thoughts and exercises that I would not have done on my own. The accountability and support through the coaching experience also helped me try things that I was previously fearful of.

Overall, by working with Karla, I've learned to allow myself space and grace to breathe and 'be'. I know that going forward, life won't be perfect and I will still face situations that bring me stress and anxiety, but I am better equipped with the tools to help me navigate through those situations.

To anyone considering working with Karla, I'd say invest in yourself! The coaching and outcomes are extremely powerful and eye-opening. Karla's approach, empathy, and overall energy are extremely welcoming and non-judgmental. She's a phenomenal coach that helps you see a unique perspective while making it easy to apply the learnings to day-to-day situations."

Gaby C., Account Executive

"When I first began working with Karla, my biggest challenge was dealing with uncertainty about where my career was heading next. I felt anxious, believing that I needed to have things figured out.


With Karla, I learned about what I REALLY want. But I also learned that I'd been operating from a mindset of scarcity when thinking about my future. I've now learned to instead identify how to take action with greater ease in my career and life not because I "need to" but because I truly want to.


Karla’s approach to coaching is very holistic. Together, we explored my relationships, my health, and other parts of my life that I didn't even think would be that impactful at the beginning. Using those areas of my life was useful in finding patterns in my thinking, that also manifest themselves at work. For example, I learned how certain triggers create impostor syndrome and how I can change my interpretation of a situation to respond to my circumstances more constructively.


Without fail, I felt so much more positive and hopeful after every session I had with Karla, no matter how negative my state of mind was at the very beginning. She challenged my thoughts and helped me see things in a different light. I truly felt seen and heard by her and will be forever grateful for that!"


Nyah B., Service & Interaction Designer

"When I first came to Karla for coaching, I felt stuck. As our sessions went on, taking turns that I did not expect (in a very good way), it was like layers were being peeled back. I came to her assuming I would get some kind of guidebook – do these things, get these results. Not at all! Instead, I was very much pushed and stretched, in a safe and constructive space, to take on a new mindset and a new way of going about life. I felt like Karla was receptive, keenly observant and encouraging. She was always pleasant to talk to and showed up, every single session, ready to listen and dive in with me. She was always prepared for how I showed up to each session.

I really appreciated her coaching style and how comfortable I felt opening up and being myself. I think what’s great about each session is that you walk away from the journey of conversation to a self-guided mission. Out of the numerous things I have taken away from our coaching, being able to see myself from an empowered point of view has and will continue to change my life!"

Mimi G.jfif

My clients have achieved these results:

  • Negotiated higher salaries at work with confidence (and got those raises!!)

  • Landed new work roles at work that lit them up!

  • Gave keynote talks in front of hundreds of people that wowed their audiences 

  • Created boundaries that empowered them to prioritize their creative and health pursuits (like writing and running)​

  • Improved how they manage stress and anxiety triggers

  • Attracted their ideal partner into their lives

  • Improved their physical health

  • Strengthened friendships, marriages, and family relationships

  • Learned to simply "feel happier!" (as one of my clients said)

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