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Hello! ¡Hola!

I haven't always loved Monday mornings. 

Some of my friends at work used to call it the "Sunday Scaries". Sound familiar? When I learned how to shift my energy so I could experience more positive emotions, I built a life and career in alignment with my values. Suddenly, Mondays became as good as Fridays (ok, almost)! 

    My Story

    I'm Karla, and I've spent most of my career in corporate, working globally for Top 100 companies, including General Motors, General Electric, and Accenture. Working for these companies was an exhilarating ride, with incredible intellectual, emotional, and financial rewards. And yet, I often dreaded showing up to work. Why?


    Some backstory might help.

    Karla Parra

    I grew up in Mexico in a bilingual, bi-cultural household. Due to my dad's job, my family moved frequently. Before I attended Syracuse University in New York, I'd already been to 9 schools in Mexico. 


    Change was hard, but mostly, fun. I lived by the beach and became involved in extracurriculars where I could support my current school or community. My upbringing led me to become someone who thrived on adventure and change and wanted to help people. 

    As I grew up, my life became serious as I built my career, moved to big cities, and pursued what I thought was "success": attaining recognition, seniority, and making "the big bucks". By age thirty, I'd already led many talented teams, traveled around the globe, and became an executive. But along the way, I also experienced anxiety, self-doubt, and felt that something was "off".

    "What is it going to cost you to keep playing it safe?"

    In 2019, I enrolled in coach training and discovered that freedom, adventure, and impact were my top values. And yet, I didn't feel "free" in work or my life, I yearned for more excitement, and I wasn't making an impact in the ways that mattered to me. No wonder I often dreaded showing up to work! And yet, I felt afraid to make a change, preferring to stay "safe" in what I already knew.


    One day, my coach asked me, "what is it going to cost you to play it safe and stay right where you are?"
    This question changed everything. 


    Life is too short to dread Mondays.
    Love your life and career now. 

    Today, I've aligned my life and career with my values: 

    • Freedom: I left my city apartment behind and moved into a tiny camper with my husband and two dogs. Our home on wheels allows us to freely explore and be outdoors. 

    • Adventure: I'm constantly changing my environment, pursuing experiences out of my comfort zone as a nomad. I also took a leap of faith and launched my own coaching company.

    • Impact: As a coach for women in corporate who also want to make an impact while feeling good, I am doing work that lights me up! 

      What has made all the difference? 

      1. Becoming aware of how my energy serves and hurts me.
      2. Getting 100% clear on my values.
      3. Strengthening my mental fitness.
      4. Taking action.

      I didn't do it alone. My husband, parents, friends, and supportive co-workers helped me take leaps.


      And my coach helped me get serious, curious, and accountable about building a life and career I love.

      I'd love to be that coach for you. 

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      My Qualifications

      I am certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) with a coaching specialty in Transitions and mastery in Energy Leadership. I'm also a trained Positive Intelligence coach and facilitator in Design Thinking, a framework I apply to help my clients discover, ideate, and experiment with career paths that delight them. I'm a registered yoga teacher and incorporate yoga principles and wellness into all my work. I hold a Master's degree from the #1 ranked Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse University. 

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      Click on each badge to learn more.
      I abide by the highest standards and code of ethics set forth by the International Coaching Federation.

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      Why Vida Canvas? 

      All humans deserve to design and live a life (or "vida" in Spanish) that honors our values and that celebrates our uniqueness. This philosophy inspired the name of my company, Vida Canvas, through which I help women design their life "canvas" and live the "vida" that delights them. 

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