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find joy through mental fitness

You're not in full control of your mind.

If you were, you would choose to not experience anxiety, stress, and self-doubt. Mental fitness helps you build command over your brain, so you handle challenges with less stress, and more calm. 

What is a "Pod"? 

A "pod" is a group of people who share and inspire each other to meet their mental fitness goals. 

By strengthening mental fitness, pod members learn to: 

  • Be in greater control of their minds so they can choose to not stress out in challenging situations 

  • Weaken the negative reactions (or "saboteurs") that typically emerge under stress (like anger or frustration)

  • Strengthen their ability to handle challenges with calm, a clear mind, and other positive emotions

  • Strengthen relationships, elevate productivity, and live with more enjoyment 

How do we build mental fitness? 

We build mental fitness leveraging the Positive Intelligence framework, developed by Stanford Lecturer, Shirzad Chamine. Your Positive Intelligence Quotient (or PQ) is the measure of how strong your mental fitness is. That strength is determined by the percentage of time you spend sabotaged by negative emotions versus the time you spend led by positive ones like curiosity, empathy, and purpose. 

The strength of three core muscles constitute your mental fitness: 

1. Saboteur Interceptor Muscle: This muscle involves intercepting and weakening the parts of your brain that generate negative emotions, such as anxiety, self-doubt, avoidance, and procrastination. 

2. Sage Muscle: This muscle allows you to handle challenges through positive emotions like empathy, curiosity, and a sense of purpose.  

3. Self-Command Muscle: This muscle empowers you to run your brain instead of your Saboteur brain run you. We build this muscle through "PQ reps", which are 10-second exercises that build self-command. 

PQ is grounded in Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Performance Science (learn more about the science behind PQ here). PQ is used at companies like Google, Facebook, and Salesforce. 

Click here to learn more about the Positive Intelligence program and its impact.  

What does the pod experience involve? 

Pods meet for a period of seven weeks to deepen learning on the Positive Intelligence framework. During that time, you will:  

  • Learn in-depth about your saboteurs and explore how they're derailing you from feeling confident and calm

  • Build self-command through daily short exercises so you can stop the saboteurs in their tracks

  • Learn to activate your Sage muscle so you can approach challenges with positive emotions and actions

  • Meet once a week with Karla as your coach and with other individuals to deepen your learning and create long-lasting change

  • Have in-the-moment access to Karla and the rest of your PQ pod via a Whatsapp group, so you can ask for help and support others in their own journey

  • Watch weekly one-hour videos led by Shirzad Chamine, so you can learn about the entire PQ toolkit

  • Listen to (or read) the first eight chapters of the Positive Intelligence book

  • Use an app on your phone to access all the content on-the-go, including your daily PQ exercises

  • Have access to the PQ global community made up of thousands of other individuals who are sharing and can support you in your mental fitness journey, including Shirzad himself

    Time Commitment: You can expect to spend about 2-3 hours per week on building your mental fitness during the 7-week pod duration. Most of the work is on your own time, with the exception of the 1-hour pod weekly meetings. These are set up in advance and are typically held on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. 

    Pods launch once a month. Join the next one by submitting your contact info below! 

What do past pod members say? 

"The biggest challenge I was facing when I decided to join Karla's program was not trusting my inner voice and not recognizing my quiet intelligence. Through this pod experience, I've noticed myself becoming even more tuned into the present moment and noticing details in a deep way. Because attention takes energy, I feel much more connected to managing my energy than managing my time. As a result, I feel less guilty about resting, noticing, and about simply being (rather than thinking I should be "doing" something).


To get the most out of this experience, you have to be ready to do the work and look within yourself. For anyone considering joining a PQ pod, it can deeply change your perspective and the way you spend your days."

-Portia C., Internal Communications

"Before joining Karla's pod, I was constantly trying to do it all (my time-consuming job, taking care of my family, spending time with friends) but never feeling fully present in any of it. I felt stressed and anxious - never enough hours in the day!


Through the PQ pod experience, and through daily PQ rep breaks, I discovered, amazingly, that I had time for what mattered. I took more time to stop the busy pace of things and breathe. I felt myself being more present, especially in conversations with people. Before this program, I feel like my brain was always thinking of what I had to do next while doing something. Now, I find myself listening and engaging more which ultimately makes me a better partner, colleague, and friend.



-Mary H., Higher Education Administrator

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Committed and engaged pod members make for the best Pod experiences. Therefore, the make-up of each pod is carefully considered. To express your interest in joining a pod, provide your contact information. Karla will be in touch to learn more about you and share program details like cost and start date for the next pod. 

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The first step to build mental fitness is to meet your enemies. 

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